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Welcome to 3R Cards

3R Cards is a producer and publisher of interactive parenting tools in the form of household chore cards and activity card sets specific to areas of child development, self-awareness, and community responsibility.

Each 3R Cards set is based on the character building blocks of the 3Rs.

What are the 3Rs?

RESPECT: for self, others and community

RESPONSIBILITY: for action, property and attitude

REWARD: in self development and community welfare

Check out some of our great products for families with Can Do kids!

Hands Around the House

A Family Chore System designed to assist busy families in organizing, assigning, and completing daily household chores. Each set comes with 30 Chore Cards and 15 Reward Cards.

Hands Around the House
Hands Around the House: Assisting busy families with daily househould chores

The Busiest Babysitter on the Block

Giving teens the marketable skills to establish themselves as responsible neighborhood babysitters: a card set of guidelines, Do's & Dont's, kids activities, healthy snack recipes, and 'In case of Emergency' cribsheets. Soon to be availbale as an app!

Busiest Babysitter on the Block: Establishing Best Practices for Both Parents and Sitters

Early Birds and Squiggly Worms

Helping pre-school age children establish morning and evening routines, includes 5 cards for morning and 5 cards for night.

Early Birds Squiggly Worms: Setting Morning and Evening Routines for Pre-School Age Children